We Purchase Plastic Scraps

In PPP, LLC, we pride ourselves on being in the business of recycling plastic scraps, and we specialize in processing high-density and low-density polyethylene or HDPE and LDPE plastics. We are a full-service recycling plant committed to buying, selling, and repurposing plastic for many manufacturing industries.


Like our clients, we are committed to saving the planet by minimizing industrial plastic waste. Our manufacturing consumers choose us because of our environmental consciousness and closed-loop recycling practice. This means we aim to reuse all recyclables from sourcing, recycling, and manufacturing while producing as few byproducts as possible.

We can help manufacturers create new products through recycling without worrying about their carbon footprint and product waste. We also ensure that our clients can maximize their plastic scraps through assistance in segregating, storing, and handling the products.

In addition, PPP, LLC guarantees that the entire process of recycling and repurposing is ethical and compliant with local and international industry standards.

With over 50 years in the recycling industry, our clients can trust that their plastic waste products re-enter the supply chain and are repurposed into plastic resins for further manufacturing. If you sell plastic scrap to PPP, LLC, you can be sure that your plastic is going to the right place!

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What We’re Looking For

PPP, LLC’s recycling facility exclusively works with Grades 2 (HDPE) and 4 (LDPE and LLDPE) polyethylene plastic.

Grade 2 HDPE plastic (36dr) (5.1K v) or high-density polyethylene produces flexible pipes and sturdy bottles. It is one of the most common recyclables because of its durability and versatility. HDPE plastic can be recycled endless times, making it one of the most sustainable plastic products in the industry.

Grade 4 LDPE plastic (14dr) (1.1K v) or low-density polyethylene, commonly used in plastic wraps and shopping bags, is one of the oldest types of polyethylene. Although it was previously unrecyclable, recent technological developments have surged the demand for recycling LDPE to create composite lumber.

Grade 4 linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) is a type of polyethylene recycled from LDPE. It is frequently used to produce thinner plastic bags, wraps, and flexible tubing. When recycled, both LDPE and LLDPE are highly demanded polymers used to develop agricultural film without raw materials.

How to sell your plastic scraps

PPP, LLC is looking for industrial, post-industrial, and post-consumer grade plastic. We accept the following products:

  • HDPE plastic (36dr) (5.1K v)
  • LDPE plastic (14dr) (1.1K v)
  • LDPE plastic (9dr) (300v)
  • Plastic scrap (6dr) (40v)
  • Plastic scrap (26 dr) (300 v).

Collect or store your plastic scraps in boxes, bales, or rolls if they are under any of these categories. Ensure the plastic recyclables are clean, dry, uncontaminated, and packed. PPP, LLC buys plastic scraps at market prices, and we offer quick turnaround payment terms via check or cash on delivery.

Let’s Lessen The Plastic Waste On The Planet, Together!

Here at PPP, LLC, we are passionate about plastic and worry about your scraps, so you don’t have to. Work with us, sell your plastic scraps to us, and we’ll ensure to turn them into high-quality, eco-friendly, and recyclable material. Reach out to us to request a quote for your plastic scraps, discuss rates and payment terms, and answer further inquiries you may have.