At PPP, LLC, we work with our customers to reduce waste by repurposing used plastics to give them a second life in the supply chain. By providing companies with a steady and reliable source of reprocessed plastic, we help our customers to improve operational sustainability and reduce carbon footprints. We offer start-to-finish plastic reprocessing that results in high-quality, plastic repro pellets for manufacturing.

What is Plastic Reprocessing?

Plastic reprocessing is the process of taking clean, plastic scrap and using it to create recycled, plastic resin, which may then be utilized on production lines.

What is the Plastic Reprocessing Operation like?

Clean, industrial and post-industrial grade polyethylene scrap is accumulated and split into two categories: Grades 2 and 4 material. Grade 2 plastic is typically sourced from grocery bags, t-shirt bags, and plastic bottles. Meanwhile, Grade 4 plastic is sourced from trash liners, garment bags, stretch film, and bubble wrap.

Each grade of plastic is further split into clear and color scrap, and is run separately to be grinded into plastic flakes. These flakes are then pelletized into plastic repro. Grade 2 scrap results in high-density (HDPE) plastic resin, while Grade 4 scrap produces low-density (LDPE and LLDPE) plastic resin. Because of our facility’s separation process, both high-density and low-density clear and mix-color, 100% recycled, plastic resin is produced.

What is the Plastic Reprocessing Operation like?
Reprocessed Post-Consumer Grade Material

Benefits of Plastic Reprocessing

Plastic recycling offers significant benefits for companies, including:

  • Waste reduction: Reduces the amount of plastic that ends up clogging landfills by extending plastic’s longevity in practical applications.
  • Cost reduction: Lowers the variable costs of production, given that recycled resin is significantly more cost-effective than virgin material.
  • Pollution & fossil fuel reduction: Lessens the strain of pollution on the atmosphere in comparison to virgin resin, and does not use crude oil or natural gas, unlike virgin material.


Plastics recycling centers and raw material
Plastics recycling centers and raw material


Many industries rely on the experts at PPP, LLC to provide them with high-quality recycled plastics, including (but not limited to):

  • Bottle manufacturers
  • Bag manufacturers
  • Commercial product enterprises
  • Injection molding
  • Irrigation operations
  • Packaging manufacturers
  • Piping industry