Despite their broad usage, plastics are non-biodegradable and create problems for the environment. However, recycling plastics can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lessen the need for finite fossil fuels, and save precious landfill space. As businesses in all industries begin to realize the benefits of recycling plastics as a form of waste management, the PPP, LLC team is prepared to step in and help customers streamline plastic recycling processes. We’ve designed our services to streamline costs, accommodate specific customer requirements, and offer short turnaround times.

Industries We Serve

Numerous industries benefit from plastic recycling. Some of the industries we work with at PPP, LLC include:

  • Agriculture. The agriculture sector uses plastics widely in machinery, irrigation systems, drain tiles, tarps, dairy silage bags, poly twine, and many other applications. This sector has begun to realize the benefits of recycling plastics. Given that agricultural plastic waste tends to be quite dirty compared to other industries, these businesses benefit from partnering with a provider that can thoroughly clean plastic waste and recycle it into usable forms.
  • Bottle manufacturing. From soft drinks and water to laundry detergent and shampoo, plastic has become a common container material for countless products. Plastic bottles can be recovered and recycled to make more plastic bottles and other products such as clothing, carpet, furniture, and more.
  • Packaging. Plastic offers the ideal material for creating lightweight and robust packaging solutions. Recycled plastics are used broadly in food packaging, containers, caps, closures, and other packaging types. The packaging sector uses recycled packaging to increase product shelf life and provide comprehensive product protection.
  • Piping. The piping industry has widely adopted recycled plastics for making culverts, drainage piping, and underground infrastructure. A broad range of plastic piping gets made from recycled plastics or a mix of recycled and virgin plastics.
  • Plastic bags. Retail and grocery stores frequently rely on plastic bags to provide a convenient way for customers to carry their purchases. Recycled plastic bags make more plastic bags, which can be recycled again relatively indefinitely. Recycled plastic bags can also create durable plastic lumber that provides a long service life as park benches, residential decks, or playground equipment.

Why Work With PPP, LLC?

At PPP, LLC, we strive to do all we can to keep plastic from ending up in landfills. As a one-stop-shop for plastic recycling, our capabilities include:

  • Purchasing plastic scrap from industrial businesses to recycle it.
  • Tolling services, where we partner with industrial operations to recycle plastic scrap and return it to them as usable raw material.
  • Producing recycled resins for use in industrial processes, such as injection molding and extrusion.
  • Working directly with businesses and with brokers to obtain and recycle plastic waste.

We offer lead times around two weeks from pick-up or delivery of customer scrap. The PPP, LLC team is very flexible in our capabilities and offerings to accommodate the varying needs of industrial businesses. In the rare instance that we can’t help you with your project, we will help you find a provider who can. With our vertically integrated services, we take in your plastic scrap and provide a final product ready for immediate use.

To see how PPP, LLC’s plastic recycling capabilities can serve your business, please contact us today.